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ROSC Components

  • Ananda School Program
  • Pre-Vocational Skill Training
  • Urban Slum Children Education Program (USCEP)
  • Children Domestic Worker Education Program
  • Reading Skill Developments

Pre-Vocational Training Program

There are an estimated 28 million adolescents aged 10-19 in Bangladesh, comprising 22% of the population. Nearly 40% (38% or 10,640,000) of them are working adolescents between 15 and 18 years of age. Very few of these youths have marketable skills that will help them acquire decent employment or start their own businesses, and the vocational training that is available is generally outdated and disconnected from the local market. Furthermore, many training institutes require that children must complete grade 8 to access skills training, and this excludes a large percentage of the youth labor force, particularly in rural areas where many young people have only completed grades 3 or 5. The government has prioritized vocational skills training in its development agenda, and in 2011, the National Skills Development Policy was approved by the Government. To implement this policy, the GoB formed the National Skills Development Council (NSDC) and formulated the National Vocational Technical Qualification Framework (NVTQF). Save the Children and its partners have supported adolescent and youth workers aged 15-18 years through 6-12 months of market-relevant skills training, followed by placement in decent jobs through self or wage employment. SC has piloted rural vocational training programs for child laborers in the agricultural sectors in five districts of Bangladesh, using traditional TVET approaches to teach rural trades. ROSCI has also experience in piloting pre-vocational training in selected areas through Shishu Kallyan Trust (SKT). Considering these experiences and lessons learnt, the pre-vocational skill training pilot program has been designed by ROSCII, where Save the Children will support ROSCU in the implementation of the pilot.
Considering this background, Save the Children (SC) has been selected as a Specialized Technical Agency (STA) for the ROSC II pilots, as a result of its long-standing experience and areas of specialized expertise.

ROSC - Reaching Out-of-School Children

Contact Details

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Reaching Out-of-School Childreen (ROSC) Phase-II
Directorate of Primary Education
Mirpur-2, Dhaka-1216