ROSC - Reaching Out-of-School Children (Phase-II)

About ROSC Project

Our great leader, father of the nation, the architect of Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had always cherished a Sonar Bangla in his heart, had dreamt of golden people turning his ambitions into reality. He sacrificed his life for achieving these ends. He knew that the main ingredient of prosperity was education and a literate nation was absolutely necessary to keep up with the progress of the world. So one of the fundamental state policies adopted in the constitution of Bangladesh was universal free primary education.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is working towards that end. There are 63,601 Government Primary Schools providing free primary education, there are several mass literacy programs. ROSC Phase - 2 (Reaching Out of School Children) is an endeavor of the Government undertaken in 2013 to provide a second chance to education for the disadvantaged children aged 8-14 years who never had the chance to enroll in the primary schools or who had to drop out for reasons of other necessities. The idea is to reduce the number of drop outs by creating scopes for (i) equitable access to primary education (ii) retention and (iii) completion of quality primary education.

Learners are provided with free books, education materials, exam fees, uniform and education allowance. Grants are provided for establishing learning centers known as Ananda Schools in the communities with their participation. Teachers are appointed from the respective catchment areas. The project has many programs covering 148 upazillas and slums of the 11 City Corporation areas. The project also has taken up Pre-vocational training program for 25000 ROSC graduates, Sishu Kallyan Trust students and of Government Primary schools age 15+ with employment opportunities.

Funding for the project comes from the Government of Bangladesh and mainly from our development partner the IDA. The total cost of the project is Taka 1,08,525.76 lacs of which GoB contribution is Taka 58,08.53 lacs and Project Aid amounts to Taka 1,02,717.23 lacs. The project duration is from 2013 to December 2017. During this period the project aims to reach out to 7,15,000 learners.

The project office known as ROSCU is located in the Directorate of Primary Education building in Mirpur-2, Dhaka. Presently it is headed by Md. Delwar Hossain (Additional Secretary) as the Project Director. The Director General of Primary Education Dr. Md. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal, ndc is the Head of the Procuring Entity of the Project. The Local Government Engineering Department, Institute of Education Research of the Dhaka University and the Sonali Bank are the Partner Agencies of this project. Save the Children International in Bangladesh is the specialized agency providing technical support while several well established NGOs are assigned for community mobilization and program implementation. It is hoped that the project will contribute noticeably towards the broader aim of building a literate nation.


Government of Bangladesh


The World Bank - Development Partner


121 Upazillas

ROSC Project successfully covered 121 upazillas and 10 City Corporation areas of the Country.

7000+ Learning Centers

More than 7000 Learning Centers (Ananda Schools) are running from 2013 all over the Bangladesh.

0.7 Million Students

We aim to reach out to more than 0.7 million learners by 2017.

ROSC - Reaching Out-of-School Children

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Reaching Out-of-School Childreen (ROSC) Phase-II
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